Exposure: Ten Photographer’s Work

This book features the work of the 1972-73 and 1973-74 Creative Artists Public Service Program fellowship recipients including Lou Draper and fellow Kamoinge member, Anthony Barboza.Bookcover.Exposure.10photographers


In the foreword Carole Kismaric writes, “Lou Draper uses his camera to gently isolate people lost in the solitude of their own thoughts. Some are unaware of the camera and revel in their privacy as they experience fleeting moments of concern, joy, thoughtfulness or quiet recognition. Even when the subject acknowledges the photographer’s presence, by selecting one particular moment over countless others, Draper seems to underscore the individual’s uniqueness.” Exposure.10photographers.DraperBio

Draper’s portfolio includes two images we’ve never seen before:Exposure.10photographers.Draperspread 3


Kismaric also reflects on Barboza’s work, “In Anthony Barboza’s portraits, the viewer senses the deep affection that exists between the photographer and his subjects. Because each trusts the other, the photographic act becomes a collaboration, and the photographer is able to capture his subjects’ essential humanness.”Exposure.10photographers.BarbozaBio


Many thanks to James Carroll for sending this book our way!