From Draper’s Notebooks


Here is a page from a photography class notebook of Draper’s, circa 1968. He is practicing planning what his shutter speed and aperture settings should be for each area of a potential photograph. The approximation gets based on the reflective qualities of the materials in the scene and the shadows being cast onto each area. Draper has notated each possible surface with the required shutter speed and aperture setting. He then could pinpoint an average setting for the entire photograph.


A few thoughts from Draper about his work:

“The subjects I shoot, the people, the animate and the inanimate are not mine to exploit as some people in the arts do, but rather they are the medium of my expression. If I exploit them, I exploit myself.”


“I am concerned primarily with photography’s questioning and re-examination of my environment. I think that is the gift that I, as a photographic artist, should give to my audience.”


“Expressing yourself is really a bi-product of expressing your subject. In expressing subject there is a coming together of those experiences that shape you and cause you to select a particular kind of material with which to work.”