Shawn Walker on Draper

Shawn Walker was one of the founding members of the Kamoinge Workshop with Draper in 1963. He was younger than many photographers in the group and in an article in Ten 8 Magazine (#24, 1987), Walker reminisces about the second Kamoinge meeting, where members were sharing examples of their work, and the impact Draper made on him:

“Lou Draper’s photographs of Blacks in the streets of Harlem showed their dignity, grace and sense of pride. His photographs were printed so well they were three-dimensional. I’d never seen such beautiful photographs of ordinary Black people.”


Kamoinge was an important cultural force in Black arts and culture, the Civil Rights Movement, on forming what would be called “a Black aesthetic” previously unheard of, and as an influence on young photographers to this day. Much more will be discussed on Kamoinge going forward as we get a handle on all the documentation now at our disposal. So stay tuned! -AR