Draper on The New York Times’ LENS Blog

Candela Books + Gallery has been working hard the last year on this archive project. The New York Times LENS Blog just realeased a feature article on Draper’s photographs and The Louis Draper Project story: “Louis Draper, Plucked from Obscurity” by John Edwin Mason. Check it out!

You can follow the Draper project progress here on the blog, or by friending The Louis Draper Project on Facebook.

Many thanks to Nell Draper-Winston, Cheryl Pelt, John Edwin Mason, James Estrin, Callie Beattie, and Maelyn Cable for making this possible!



3 thoughts on “Draper on The New York Times’ LENS Blog

  1. Lou was/is a most remarkable photographer. As Professor Mason has said african american photographers have too long been overlooked by the establishment. I believe I gave Lou his first public showing in nyc in 1958 or 59 at the seven arts coffee gallery where I was gallery director, recognizing the brilliance of his work. we unfortunately lost contact which I have long regretted, and am saddened by his passing. One of the most exceptional photographers of my generation, I am pleased to see his work being acknowledged and the archive project come about.

    dave heath (of A DIALOGUE WITH SOLITUDE)

    • Dave, Thank you so very much for your comment and information about Lou. We appreciate learning more both about the facts of his artistic career, but also getting an even better picture painted of Lou as a man. Best wishes to you! Amy at Candela

      • thank you amy for your response. i hope that someday you may find the necessary funding for a book on his work.

        dave heath

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