The Beginning

Welcome to The Louis Draper Project! Candela Books + Gallery has the honor of working with Nell Draper-Winston, Louis’s younger sister, and her associate Cheryl Pelt, along with other Richmond, Virginia arts entities, to recover the work and life story of the late Louis Draper. Draper was a 20th century photographer, educator, and cultural groundbreaker, who lived a life devoted to the art of photography and to the tenets of Civil Rights.

The Draper archive, carefully advocated for by Ms. Draper-Winston, will be studied, researched and organized. There are many exciting possibilities with such an impressive collection of work. But first we begin at the beginning: by slowly discovering the rich legacy of a photographer whose life’s work has yet to be seen by so many, mainly due to the disparate cultural climate of 20th century United States. This blog intends to document that path of discovery and serve as fertile ground for the inclusion of Draper in the larger scope of American art and cultural history.

So sign up, stay tuned, and send your good will! The Louis Draper Project has begun!


2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Gordon, respect for taking this on. I can’t wait for the book after looking at all the images in this blog. It continues to amaze me that great discoveries keep on happening – only with analogue I guess.

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